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Introducing Clinical Reviews in Medical Cannabis

DeckerMed’s all new Clinical Reviews in Medical Cannabis provides a principles-and-practice approach to managing your patients.  No textbook or other online resource comes close to delivering our Evidence-Based and authoritative advice on assessing and treating the range of disorders and issues you commonly see in daily practice.

Whether  you began practice this year or in the last millennium, you almost certainly weren’t taught about the basic and clinical properties of THC or ECBs: only 9% of medical school curriculum even touch on the subject of medical cannabis. This new resource for practitioners, educators and residents incorporates the latest guidelines, educational objectives, CME and Teaching Slide Library for didactics and teaching.

More than a website, Clinical Reviews in Medical Cannabis is an app to be used on your device for reading, testing, and as point-of-care tool. DeckerMed’s Clinical Reviews in Medical Cannabis achieves perfection as an e-learning resource with thoughtful tools you need for in-depth knowledge to inform patient care. 

Add Clinical Reviews in Medical Cannabis to your Curriculum

Add Medical Cannabis to your Weekly Curriculum™ and customize your education schedules at any time and on any device. Medical Cannabis Weekly Curriculum™ allows trainees to test their knowledge using Qbanks and mock exams. Instant notifications and detailed reporting make management and progress tracking easier and faster.

  • Custom teaching schedule
  • Advanced analytics of scores test by test
  • PD logbooks with strengths and deficiencies
  • Milestone reporting
  • Instant notifications
  • Mobile & tablet friendly


Each review in Medical Cannabis is accompanied by case-based CME exercises, focusing on the latest evidence, and ‘knowledge gaps’ as required by ACCME.

CRMC includes 100 CME questions, enough to satisfy every jurisdiction with a year or more worth of credits. 


When a topic is updated, there will be a new CME exercise with questions focusing on the knowledge gaps to be learned.

  • 1 Credit per CME exercises/Review Topic

Teaching Slide Library

Every imaging study, illustration, clinical photo, chart, graph and, algorithm is available in ready-to-go presentation slide sets, ideal for didactics, academic half-days and as a reference tool.

Medical Cannabis - Residency Programs

$999 USD

$42 per resident

  • - Medical Cannabis Reviews
  • - CME for Faculty
  • - Teaching Slide Library™
  • - Weekly Curriculum™

Medical Cannabis - Individual (1 year)

$299 USD


  • - Medical Cannabis Reviews
  • - CME
  • - Teaching Slide Library™

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