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Clinical Reviews in Medical Cannabis from DeckerMed is a continuously-updated digital resource providing the best reading experience and CME exercises available today.


Each review in Medical Cannabis is accompanied by case-based CME exercises, focusing on the latest evidence, and ‘knowledge gaps’ as required by ACCME.

CRMC includes 100 CME questions, enough to satisfy every jurisdiction with a year or more worth of credits. 


When a topic is updated, there will be a new CME exercise with questions focusing on the knowledge gaps to be learned.

  • 1 Credit per CME exercises/Review Topic

Teaching Slide Library

Every imaging study, illustration, clinical photo, chart, graph and, algorithm is available in ready-to-go presentation slide sets, ideal for didactics, academic half-days and as a reference tool.

Medical Cannabis - Individual (1 year)

$299 USD


  • - Medical Cannabis Reviews
  • - CME
  • - Teaching Slide Library™

Medical Cannabis - Residency Programs

$999 USD

$42 per resident

  • - Medical Cannabis Reviews
  • - CME for Faculty
  • - Teaching Slide Library™
  • - Weekly Curriculum™

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