Welcome to Surgery Weekly Curriculum™!

Surgery and Weekly Curriculum™ (WC) have been the 'backbone' of SCORE and used by 95% of US surgery program! WC use clinical cases and Board-styled MCQs keyed to essential elements in Surgery. Follow our expert's curriculum or customize your own! Advanced analytics with trainee and PD logbooks indicate strengths and deficiencies, with Milestone reporting. Our new website and app allows you learn and test continuously! Oh, and we now include Board Prep!

Weekly Curriculum™ for Training Programs

Weekly Surgery readings and Board-styled MCQs keyed to essential topics of general surgery. The core curriculum tool programs have relied on for years is completely redeveloped to focus on the user experience and is completely customizable!

  • Custom curriculum: Any Surgery topic, any week, whatever works best for your program; weekly emails on the day of the week you choose
  • Two tracks: Core principles and advanced practice
  • Personal resident logbooks with advanced analytics
  • Program Director's Portal equipped with quick yet elaborate metrics for effective evaluation of individual residents, PGY levels, and your entire program
  • 'Soft Competency' lessons and questions for group presentation and lectures
  • ACGME Milestones and reporting; all logbooks and reporting information exportable for ACGME

NEW! Mentor Remediation

When annual ABSITE results indicate weaknesses, PDs can now assign focuses Surgery readings and Boars-styled exercises for individual residents. Reporting emails keep PDs informed on progress, and tracking metrics keep the resident engaged and eager for improvement.

Board Prep (BRe)

The long anticipated Surgery Board Prep is here! BRe Surgery™ provides the long suffering resident the perfect means of measuring and sharpening knowledge in surgery, with a singular focus on nailing the written Boards. 

BRe Surgery consists of Board-styled, case-based questions organized into two tracks:

  • ABSITE Review comprises 250 questions tailored to the 44 ABSITE categories

  • Qualifying Exam Prep (QEP) has a further 250 questions emulating the General Surgery Qualifying Exam

Continuing with our philosophy that every program learns differently, we encourage Program Directors to control the test settings: learn as you go or as a group, or turn on 'Exam Experience' and mimic the QEP. 

Add Board Prep to your Weekly Curriculum!

Teaching Slide Library™

Easy-to-use and customizable presentation slide sets featuring graphics and illustrations from Surgery, including decision-making and procedural algorithms, illustrations images, clinical photos, micrographs,tables, and charts. An ideal reference tool.

CME/MOC for Faculty

Surgery WC subscriptions now offer CME/MOC exercises! The perfect add-on for core faculty already using the readings and Teaching Slide Sets for didactics and weekly conferences.

Competency-Based Patient Care

NEW! Weekly Curriculum™ introduces ‘Competency Weeks’, the first measurable assessment to satisfy ACGME program requirement in the 6 Competencies.

Surgery Weekly Curriculum™ 3 Year Special!

$4,000 USD

+ $500 per trainee/faculty

  • - Continuously Updated
  • - Weekly Curriculum™
  • - Surgery Board Prep
  • - CME for Faculty
  • - Teaching Slide Library™
  • - NEW! Surgery FES+ Curriculum
  • - Mentor Remediation
  • - Qbanks

Surgery Weekly Curriculum™ for Training Programs

$1,500 USD

+ $175 per trainee/faculty

  • - Weekly Curriculum™
  • - Continuously Updated
  • - Teaching Slide Library™
  • - Mentor Remediation
  • - Surgery Board Prep
  • - CME/MOC for Faculty
  • - Qbanks
  • - FES+ Curriculum

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