Welcome to Psychiatry Weekly Curriculum™!

The popular curriculum management tool in Medicine and Surgery comes to Psychiatry! This GME resource offers residency programs a way to teach principles and practice each week and train for the Boards simultaneously with case-based exercises. Weekly Curriculum package offers it all: readings cases; management logbooks; reporting tools; teaching aids; and CME for faculty development.

New PRITE Concierge and Remediation

In addition to the thousands of questions we offer before your exam, the new PRITE Concierge™ offers the ultimate remediation resource for when you get your scores back!

Your personalized Mentor Remediation™ schedule will offer readings, teaching slides, and of course key MCQs to sharpen up your areas of weakness!

Weekly Curriculum™

Weekly Psychiatry readings and Board-styled MCQs keyed to essential teachings.

  • Email system notifies residents and faculty of weekly topics

  • Case-based, Board-styled exercises with each weekly reading

  • Logbooks for residents with desired analytics; PD Portal equipped with quick yet elaborate metrics for efficient evaluation. ACGME Milestones Reporting included!

  • 'Soft Competency' topics and lessons for group lectures

  • Responsive design for all handheld devices, and web-based App available!

Teaching Slide Library™

Ready-to-use teaching slide sets featuring graphics and illustrations from Psychiatry.

  • Focused on the key educational elements for each topic and disease.

  • Perfect tool for didactic sessions, weekly conference, and rounds!

CME for Faculty

Whether it's core faculty using Psychiatry and Weekly Curriculum on a daily basis, or professors using readings and slide sets for teaching, we offer CME exercises for all faculty using the Psychiatry resource! Up to 50 Category 1 credits per year; case-based and focused on the latest evidence and ‘knowledge gaps’.

Board Prep

Psychiatry Board Prep provides resident the perfect means of measuring and sharpening knowledge in psychiatry, with a singular focus on nailing the written Boards.

Board Prep consists of Board-styled, case-based questions organized into high-yield exercises; mock-exams in practice and exam mode; and access to our Qbanks technology.

All topics and questions organized by the ABPN exam blueprint!

Board Prep and PRITE Concierge. NEW!

$ 349 USD


  • - Psychiatry Principles and Practice (updated monthly)
  • - PRITE Concierge
  • - Board Prep (Board Review & Qbanks)
  • - Mentor Remediation
  • - Weekly Curriculum™
  • - Teaching Slide Library

Psychiatry Board Prep Pro (1 year)

$440 USD


  • - Psychiatry Online: Principles & Practice
  • - Teaching Slide Library™
  • - Wellness In Training
  • - CME
  • - Board Prep (Board Review & Qbanks)

Psychiatry Weekly Curriculum™ Package

$1,500 USD

+ $175 USD per user

  • - Psychiatry (with updates)
  • - Weekly Curriculum™
  • - Teaching Slide Library™
  • - CME for Faculty
  • - Mobile App
  • - Board Prep
  • - Mentor Remediation
  • - Wellness In Training

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