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Welcome to Nephrology Weekly Curriculum™!

Nephrology Weekly Curriculum™ tests trainees using clinical cases and Board-styled MCQs keyed to essential elements from Nephrology, Dialysis & Transplantation. Follow our expert's Weekly Curriculum! Advanced analytics with trainee and PD logbooks indicate strengths and deficiencies, along with Milestone reporting. Our totally responsive website and app allow you to learn and test continuously!

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Weekly Curriculum™

Weekly Nephrology readings and Board-styled MCQs keyed to essential teachings.

  • Weekly emails on the day of your choice
  • Private logbooks for residents with desired analytics; PD's Portal equipped with with quick yet elaborate metrics for efficient evaluation of individual residents and the big picture for your program
  • 'Soft Competency' topics and lessons for group lectures
  • ACGME Milestones and Board Pass Rate

Teaching Slide Library™

Ready-to-use teaching slide sets featuring graphics and illustrations from Nephrology.

  • Focusing on the key educational elements for each topic and procedure. 
  • Perfect tool for didactic sessions, weekly conference, and rounds!
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Nephrology CME  Nephrology MOC  Nephrology CME and MOC

CME for Faculty

Whether it's core faculty engulfed in Nephrology and Weekly Curriculum on a daily basis, or professors using the readings and slide sets for teaching, we offer CME exercises for all faculty using the Nephrology resource!

Nephrology Weekly Curriculum™

$2,000 USD

+ $100 per trainee/faculty

  • - Weekly Curriculum™
  • - CME for Faculty
  • - Nephrology Continuously Updated Resource
  • - Wellness In Training

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