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NEW! CGSO Case Based Review

Introducing the CGSO Case Based  Review! Just in time for the 2019 Oral exam in Philadelphia, CGSO CBR is a comprehensive review of each topic covered in the four 30-minute sessions. With >1250 questions and answers, CGSO CBR emulates the exam experience and prepares you for the most important session of your early career!

Content Structure

The 13 modules that make up CGSO Case Based Review are question and answer format. Modules are accompanied by figures such as tables, clinical images and illustrations for reference and study.

  •  Melanoma

  •  Sarcoma

  •  Breast

  •  Endocrine

  •  Adrenal

  •  Liver Tumors

  •  Colon And Rectum

  •  Esophagus

  •  Pancreas

  •  Non-Melanoma Skin

  •  Biliary Tumors

  •  Gastric

  •  Neuroendocrine Tumors

CGSO Written Board Review

Included in the CGSO package are the mock-written exams and the question bank of >500 case-based, Board-styled multiple choice questions. Using our Qbanks feature, fellows (and practitioners!) can select particular topics and enter their own parameters!

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Teaching Slide Library™

Teaching Slide Library™ (TSL) is a collection of > 1000 clinical images, illustrations, tables and charts in ready to use reference and presentation mode. A great reference tool and for instructing others!

Logbook Tracking and Insights

All questions taken recorded in personal logbooks. Infographs display progress and areas of weakness, and National statistics will compare your questions both nationally and internationally.

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What’s Next?

 Over 100 reviews covering principles and practice plus the most recent advances and treatment guidelines! Over 50 CME credits per year based on the ‘knowledge gaps’ to stay update and satisfy your first post-certification requirements!

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