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Welcome to Transitional Year Weekly Curriculum™!

Welcome PDs, faculty, residents and admins to Transitional Year Weekly Curriculum™ (TYWC). The first of its kind, this GME resource will assist with comprehensively teaching Fundamental Clinical Skills in a short time, and resolve the major pain points PDs may have managing residents on their myriad of rotations.  

Essential Readings and Learning Objectives

TYWC offers >300 high-yield topics from Decker Medicine and Decker Surgery collections (formerly Scientific American Medicine and Surgery), now including Emergency Medicine; Neurology; Psychiatry; OBGYN; Urology; Anesthesiology; and Pediatrics. High-yield topics from core specialties are paired with goals and learning objectives.

Weekly Curriculum™

Weekly Curriculum™ (WC) is the core curriculum tools over 1000 GME programs have used over 10 years. PDs select fundamental clinical skills topics and exercises for their TY residents to read and complete each week. Emails and reporting tools keep trainees and educators in touch, offer insights, and identify areas of weakness. WC is customizable for all programs; follow our National Curriculum or build your own!

Mentor Rotations

Weekly Curriculum™ offers the unifying ‘core’ topics for your group, and Mentor Rotations focuses on an individual resident’s current block. Just starting four weeks of psychiatry or urology? Here are your high-yield exercises to measure your baseline medical knowledge.

Teaching Slide Library

Ready-to-use presentation sets featuring all graphics and images from each topic in TYWC. The perfect tool for didactic sessions, weekly conference, and rounds!

Step 3 Prep and Qbanks

Yes! We have 2000 questions for your trainees for the Step 3 mock-exams, high-yield exercises, and a Qbank to enter your own parameters and test away. Of course, personal logbooks will record scores and indicate areas needing attention. And, of course the PD can track usage and results through the PDs logbook and receive weekly reporting emails.

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