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Vascular and Endovascular Surgery is the only continuously updated resource online teaching principles and practice in vascular surgery. Vascular Surgery offers packages tailored to all different levels of lifelong learning: Weekly Curriculum™ and Board Prep for trainees; and CME/MOC for practitioners. Our brand new, totally responsive website and app has your covered wherever and whenever, on all devices and screens.

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Weekly Curriculum™

Modeled after the hugely successful Weekly Curriculum™ from Surgery used in all US general surgery training programs, Vascular Surgery WC as weekly board-prep is the ideal curriculum tool for trainees and program faculty monitoring individual and program progress.


The brand new, continuously updated resource in vascular surgery. It includes internationally prominent authors writing principles and practice based reviews, comprehensively covering the specialty.

Institutions and Libraries

This monthly updated resource comprehensively covers Basic Considerations, Cerebrovascular Disorders, Chest, Upper Extremity, Abdominal Aorta and ilias Arteries, Mesenteric and Renal Arteries, Lower Extremitiy, Venous Disorders, Lymphatic Disorders, Angioaccess, and Miscellaneous Vascular Disorders.

CME for Individuals

Vascular Surgery will soon be offering AMA PRA Category 1 Credits, for a maximum of 25 credits with any annual subscription package. Contact Customer Care for details. 

The Best Content and User Experience

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery is the only continuously updated resource online in vascular surgery. Our platform allows for the creation of new and updated content in minutes, allowing Vascular Surgery to stay ahead of the curve on the latest news, studies and evidence-based research.

Vascular Surgery has been built from the ground up to focus on creating the best reading and educational experiences for physicians. The new website and app delivers a reading experience on par with the best editorial on the web today. The use of modern fonts, layouts and responsive assets make the site enjoyable, easy to digest and highly usable on any screen and device.  

Our testing and curriculum tools are designed to meet the all learners wherever they are, creating one unified experience across the desktop, tablet, and mobile channels.

Teaching Slide Library™

Ready to use presentation slide sets featuring graphics and illustrations from Vascular Surgery, including decision-making and procedural algorithms, illustrations images, clinical photos, endoscopic photos, micrographs, tables, and charts. An ideal reference and teaching tool for lectures.

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