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Family Medicine is first and foremost a continuously-updated online publication teaching principles and practice. Organized according to ABFM Blueprint, FM offers readings, guidelines and educational tools for all levels of lifelong learning. From MS3 clerkship to Board-prep for residents to CME and MOC for practitioners, the all new FM educational resource is with you every step of the way, for all screens and devices. 

Weekly Curriculum™ for Residency Programs

Weekly Curriculum™ a National curriculum for residency programs to use in their weekly academic teachings. Each week, residents receive emails indicating their select Family Medicine readings, slide sets and case-based, Board-styled exercises. Our system is a very convenient and easy-to-use tool for ‘spaced education’. Follow our expert's Weekly Curriculum or customize your own! Advanced analytics with trainee and PD logbooks indicate strengths and deficiencies, along with Milestone reporting. Our totally responsive website and app allow you to learn and test continuously on all devices!

Teaching Slide Library

Ready-to-use teaching slide sets featuring graphics and illustrations from Family Medicine focusing on the key educational elements for each Board topic. The perfect tool for didactic sessions, weekly conference, and rounds!

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Individuals and CME

Just like Medicine for internists, Family Medicinewill be the new gold standard in lifelong learning. Family Medicine offers CME for specialists in all circumstances. CME exercises are post-tests, associated with the monthly topic updates. Each exercise comprises case-based MCQs, assessing new material and knowledge gaps for each topic. All exercises and MCQs are 'Board-style', helping physicians prepare for the re-certification exam one month at a time!

Institutions and Libraries

Family Medicine is the perfect resource for institutions and hospital attendings for clinical consultation, reference, patient care, and teaching. Our new website and search engine provide the best user experience and quickest answers at your finger tips. Family Medicine can be accessed on any computer in your institution for any number of users at one time! Did we mention that we offer CME for your entire institution?

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